**Award Winning Cleanser for Teens**
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Reality Check - Imperfect skin is totally normal, and it’s time we check the stats. 85% of people between 12 and 24 experience skin concerns. 

What you’re up against: 

  • Irregular cleansing: not cleansing regularly can lead to buildup and breakouts 

  • Over-cleansing: rough cleansing can result in stripping the skin and weakening its natural defenses against pollutants, environmental aggressors (namely the sun!), and more - which contributes to irritation and redness

  • Hormonal Shifts: hormone changes can cause excess oil production and more keratin (thicker skin) resulting in blocked pores

  • Sweat: on one hand it moisturizes and cools the skin, but on the other, if it sits on the skin for too long it can also irritate and block pores with oil and dirt

  • Bacteria transfer: constant contact with sports gear and phones leaves you vulnerable to blemish-causing bacteria
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