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Skincare for the Athlete Within

Skincare for the Athlete Within - RALLY

No matter your interest level or talent in sports, if you’re young and you go hard, you’re an athlete in life. 

  • Motivation and drive. The traditional definition of an athlete is someone who is trained or skilled in physical activities which require strength, endurance and agility. Navigating the young adult years requires all of that and more. You’re asked to compete, perform, and rally like the best of them.

  • The importance of routines. Athletes set goals. Yours may be physical or mental. Routines can map out a way to get there. They can also relieve stress and build confidence that you are making progress methodically.

  • I and team. How many times have you heard an elite team athlete after a big game say that it was all about them? Not often. Yes, self care requires internal focus, but look at the role of the team around you and how being a team player for your peers and world pays off.  

  • Competition can be healthy. It’s ok to be focused on presenting your best self. Being intentional about how you take care of your skin and self requires some discipline and even research to find products and methods that work for you. A competitive spirit can give you motivation and edge.

  • Enjoy the process. Athletes at the top of their game have a higher chance of staying there if they find joy in what they’re doing. Trust your process and focus on how it makes you feel. 

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